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Collaborators are Koh Tieh Yong?, Kerry Sieh, Adam Switzer, Nathalie Goodkin, Wang Xianfeng.
 Collaborators are Mandar Chitre, Pavel Tkalich, Bijoy Thompson, Shie-Yui Liong, Srivastan Raghavan.
 Collaborators are Stefan Wuertz, Rohan Williams.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) 
 Department of Biological Sciences
Collaborators are Karina Gin, Jason Cohen, Rajasekhar Balasubramanian, Jing Yuan, Martin Reinhard.

 Collaborators are Collaborators are
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 Collaborators are Collaborators are
 National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore  Brunei Forestry  
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 Collaborators are Kamariah ABU SALIM.
 Collaborators are Laure GANDOIS, EcoLab, UMR5245.


Collaborators are Remi BOURGUET, UMR5502.

 Collaborators are Rosanne D'Arrigo. Collaborators are Michael ALLEN, Research Fellow at Engineering and Computing Faculty.
Collaborators are Steve Yim.

 Collaborators are René Dommain.
 Collaborators are Sri Yudawati CAHYARINI.

Collaborators are Miriam PFEIFFER.

 Collaborators are Jeremy PAL.
 Collaborators are Jeffrey LANG, Sertac KARAMAN, Kamal YOUCEF-TOUMI, Hanna KURNIAWATI.

Collaborators are Pengfei XUE, CEE.

 Collaborators are Jun WEI.
 Collaborators are Joseph SINFIELD.

Collaborators are Vincent Gauci.

 Collaborators are Rahaya SUKMARIA, Linda LIM.
 Collaborators are Michael EVANS.

Collaborators are Harindra Joe FERNANDO.

 Collaborators are Gabriel WEYMOUTH, Lecturer at Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute.