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​​Land reclamation is a big thing in Singapore as 30% of its land is reclaimed. At CENSAM, we have devoped a two-phase​ computer model capable of accurately predicting the path of a sediment plume (release of particles of various sizes) in marine waters. Our model is accounting for ambient current and background turbulence generated by random array of synthetic jets​ in our state-of-the-art Houdini tank. 

The use of unmanned vehicles is not just limited to the sky. CENSAM scientists are creating new forms of unmanned underwater vehicles to study plankton blooms and other marine life around Singapore and the region. One such underwater robot is the robotic stingray. This novel swimming robot is made of soft silicone with batoid-like flexible flapping foils that enable it to glide through water easily. They can potentially stay in marine environments much longer with minimal bio-fouling and can capture accurate water measurements inside plankton blooms. ​

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